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Following their visit to The Apex four years ago, it is a real pleasure to welcome Zimbabwe’s most celebrated young band, Mokoomba, back to The Apex to perform their new album 'Luyando'.

‘Luyando’ means “mother’s love” in Tonga, a language that is spoken by the original inhabitants of the Zambezi Valley of Southern Africa, but beyond the dictionary definition, 'Luyando' goes to the heart of Mokoomba‘s music.

Lyrical and beautifully breezy, 'Luyando' is also a spiritual journey into the heart of Zimbabwean society, culture and tradition.

On 'Luyando', Mokoomba modified their rock-band oriented line-up to record a more raw, acoustic album. The songs are rooted in the local traditions and life in their hometown of Victoria Falls, a town on the Zambezi River named after the spectacular waterfall. The Zambesi River touches five African countries, and serves as a melting pot for diverse cultures as visitors from all around the world come to see Victoria Falls.

The word 'mokoomba' means deep respect for the river; thus the name chosen for this group of energetic young musicians, whose shows reflect that energy in contagiously joyful performances.

“I’ve seen the future of Afrosound and it is called Mokoomba" - Deutschlandradio Kultur, Germany

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Starts: 8pm
Tickets: £18*, U25s £5
Venue: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds

*Includes a £1 booking fee.

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