Ashley Hutchings revisits Fairport Convention

Ashley Hutchings revisits Fairport Convention

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Prompted by the 50th anniversary of folk-rock legends, Fairport Convention, Ashley Hutchings MBE, the "Godfather of folk-rock", has put together a new and entertaining words-and-music show, which covers the beginning and early years of the group.

As founder member and leader of the band in the early days, Ashley is uniquely positioned to delve back into the heady days of 1967, the year of the "Summer of love" and 'The Beatles' 'Sergeant Pepper' album, and tell the story from inside one of its most-loved bands.

With songs and anecdotes, Ashley and friends present an entertainment which is a must-see for anyone who has an interest in this important legacy of English music and culture.

The line-up is:

Ashley Hutchings - Spoken word, vocal, electric bass guitar
Becky Mills - Vocal, acoustic guitar
Gerry McNeice - Vocal, electric guitar
Ani McNeice - Electric guitar
Guy Fletcher - Vocal, fiddle, drums

"What do you get if you put together Ashley, Becky, Gerry, Ani and Guy? The answer... Magic !" - Ian Maun, SIIYE music website.

Visit Ashley's website

Starts: 7.30pm
Tickets: £15
Venue: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds

This event is promoted by The Apex in association with Milkmaid Folk Club

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