Mixed Ability Yoga

Mixed Ability Yoga

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Emily’s Mixed Ability Vinyasa class covers various postures and flows while integrating basic breathing and meditation techniques to improve energy and release any build-up of tension you may have accumulated.

Not only does Yoga improve our flexibility, strength, energy, and relives stress, but it provides an instant feel-good effect – a looser freer body, a sense of ease and calm, more energy and improved resistance to illness. Don’t let a stiff body be an excuse not to start.

Practise will include; Standing Postures, Backbends, Forward bends, Balances, Spinal Twists, Hip Openers, Core Strengtheners and Inversions whilst being incorporated within a flow sequence.

Please note, Lorna Lowe will be covering the classes from September - December.

- This class is suitable for ages 16+
- Limited mats are available so if you have a mat please bring this with you, as well as a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing
- Please inform Emily upon arrival if you have a health condition that you are receiving treatment for, or if you have recently had an injury or surgery

Notes when practicing Yoga:
- Don’t have just eaten a big meal
- Pace yourself and focus on your breathing
- Always ask if something doesn’t feel right, and work to your own level, never compare to others

N.B. Class dates are subject to change, please check in advance.

Times: 5.45pm-6.45pm. Classes during non-term time are subject to change
Tickets: £7.50. You must have booked your place by 5pm on the day of each class
Venue: Studio 2, The Apex, Bury St Edmunds

Remember, there's free parking after 3pm on Tuesdays at The Arc car park!

This class is promoted by The Apex and run by Emily Roberts