Suffolk landscapes

The Pyramids to Suffolk Landscapes

Tuesday 18 January 2022 - Sunday 13 February 2022

Times: Mon to Sat 9.30am – 4.30pm, Sun 10.30am – 4pm

Prices: Free

Venue: Apex Gallery

Doug Patterson, Travelling Artist, on his Apex Gallery exhibition...

In 2020 I moved from London to my Suffolk house to shield as I was vulnerable owing to previously having been treated for leukemia, I had been working on a series of artworks illustrating the journey of David Robert, who visited Egypt in 1840 and illustrated the monuments of the ancient Egyptians pre-excavation. Following my move I decided to abort this project and change direction totally to concentrate on panorama landscapes.

I was very influenced by a Suffolk artist who I first discovered in 1980 - Harry Becker, I rediscovered his incredible drawings and his depiction of Suffolk. As I had aborted my Egyptian project, and started cycling throughout the surrounding country side where I live, I had never appreciated the Suffolk landscape and the changing seasons, the movement of the sky.

These revelations and relooking at Harry Becker's work again totally inspired me to develop a series of two metre wide plein air panoramas in charcoal drawings. The year passed and for me drawing and listening to music and the glorious summer inspired my landscapes, which are 180 degree vistas, which developed into accurate inaccurate illustrations of what is seen and not seen including introducing obscured architectural elements which became part of the vistas.

So, my current exhibition is a mixture of past journeys to sacred places I have visited over the years, and my current landscapes which are scanned copies of drawings produced on location, using a collapsible table to prepare the charcoal drawings which are then printed on drum scanner.

Email or visit Doug's website. Or watch his 'A Year in Suffolk' YouTube video or his 'From Ancient Egypt to Suffolk Landscapes' YouTube video.

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